UPDATE: Where are they now? Class of 2011-12, graduate updates.

*Updated December 19, 2012 – see end of list for newest additions!

OIART Student Blog – Gabriel – Week 5

OIART Student Blog - Gabriel

Week five at OIART was, as we have all now come to expect, a blast.  It looks like everyone (including me) has recovered from the cold that swept through our ranks.  Honestly though, too much goes on to really notice petty stuff like that… Here are some highlights from week 5! See below the image … Continue reading

OIART Grad – Mike Tompkins

You’re probably already familiar with Mike Tompkins and his Voice/Mouth covers of everyone’s favourite pop songs. Mike recently announced that he is working on an album of original songs:     While we wait for more news on his upcoming album, check out his latest video for his version of All Night Long by Demi … Continue reading

Where are they now? Class of 2010-11, graduate updates.

OIART grads waste no time starting their careers! Check out what some of our grads are up to, only months after graduation… Devon Bellavance – The Warehouse Studios, Vancouver BC Graeme McGinty – CityTV, Syndicate Sound, Toronto ON Alex Krotz – Noble Street Studios, Toronto ON Rob McDowell – Liberty Studios, Toronto ON Andrew Charron … Continue reading

OIART Student Blog – Gabriel

OIART Student Blog - Gabriel

My name is Gabriel (aka Barn Owl) and I’ll be filling you in on what labs are like outside of class lectures.  This is where you take all the stuff you learn from the instructors and apply it in a hands on, incredibly fun way.  Hopefully, it’ll give you an idea of what to expect … Continue reading

OIART – A Day in the Life Video