OIART Student Blog – Gerald – Week 10 (’12-’13)


Week 10 seemed to be the start of the countdown to our semester one finals. Even Lab content became subtlety intense. Compression, equalization, Limbo, and a Dice game were all elements of labs. But, that doesn’t mean we didn’t have fun! Or maybe I am reading way too much into the Lab content sheet.   … Continue reading

OIART @ The Aeolian Hall – Production Class

Aeolian - Dean, Brad, Lac-Hong

Aeolian Hall is a historic music venue in  London. The hall is well known for it’s outstanding acoustics. Over the years the hall has been sought out for numerous classical and orchestral performances and recordings. The hall is host to a wide range of performers, and is home to the London Youth Symphony and London Community Orchestra. OIART … Continue reading

OIART Student Blog – Gabriel – Week 23 & 24

OIART Student Blog - Gabriel

Here is a recap of Week 23 & 24! Dean and Zack are practicing their re-amping skills.  That involves taking previously recorded material (from a guitar or any other instrument, really) and re-recording that signal through an amp.  As our Recording Technology instructor, Mark, asks: where does your mind take you?  Want to put a … Continue reading

OIART Student Blog – Gabriel

OIART Student Blog - Gabriel

My name is Gabriel (aka Barn Owl) and I’ll be filling you in on what labs are like outside of class lectures.  This is where you take all the stuff you learn from the instructors and apply it in a hands on, incredibly fun way.  Hopefully, it’ll give you an idea of what to expect … Continue reading