OIART Student Post – Sinan – Foley Recording


Doing Foley for a animated commercial can be a very creative process –  even when recording things like footsteps. (What is Foley?) In the ad we worked on, people in posters come alive and walk around. I had the idea of recording steps in piles of crumpled paper, to make it sound like it is … Continue reading

OIART Student Blog – Gerald – Week 12 (’12-’13)


In LIMBO…. This was definitely one of our more accomplished weeks so far. Week 12 meant the conclusion of our 5 week Sound Design Project of a trailer for the video game ‘LIMBO’. The one minute and seven second trailer had us cutting our teeth matching sound effects, creating ambiance, working with music tracks, and … Continue reading

OIART Student Blog – Gerald – Week 11 (’12-’13)


On location in London… The most interesting thing that happened this week was our foray into location audio; the “ninjas of the audio world”. For those not in the know, location audio is the recording of audio for television or film on set or, on location. And like any good ninja, location audio engineers or … Continue reading

OIART Student Blog – Gerald – Week 10 (’12-’13)


Week 10 seemed to be the start of the countdown to our semester one finals. Even Lab content became subtlety intense. Compression, equalization, Limbo, and a Dice game were all elements of labs. But, that doesn’t mean we didn’t have fun! Or maybe I am reading way too much into the Lab content sheet.   … Continue reading

OIART Student Blog – Gerald – Week 9 (’12-’13)


Good evening, morning, or whatever time it is where you are. My name is a Gerald, and I will be writing this weekly blog to inform, and possibly amaze, those interested in learning about OIART’s labs and student life. Labs are essentially deeply involved learning sessions which teach additional material, application, and test one’s understanding … Continue reading

An Update from Gabriel – Former Student Blogger

Gabriel is a graduate of the 2011-12 class…you may remember reading his Student Blogs from last year – detailing his experience at OIART. After graduation in July, Gabriel was hired as a Junior Sound Designer at Digital Extremes – a video game production company that is currently working on the official Star Trek game.  Gabriel … Continue reading

OIART Student Blog – Gabriel – Semester 3

OIART Student Blog

More photos of what we`ve been doing at OIART: Here’s a picture of Collin’s vocal talent (Jon LeGris) signing through a tasty Neumann TLM149 for Collin’s third semester final project. We also recently had the opportunity to do some field recording around London.  Here we are in a forest recording ambiance, and the sound of … Continue reading

OIART Student Blog – Gabriel – Semester 3

Here are a few recent photos of what we`ve been doing at OIART: Members of Group B (L-R: Shawn, Sam, Derek & Ben) recording a cover for Production class. Our illustrious Prod leader, Dean (right), listens along as Humberto plays the drums.  There’s Justin in the back adding to the positive vibes. Here are my … Continue reading

OIART Student Blog – Gabriel

OIART Student Blog - Gabriel

Hi Everyone! I know I haven’t posted a blog in a while, things have gotten pretty busy here at OIART – lots of fun and learning! I am going to start focusing more on the photos I take during labs, and I’ll do my best to share as much as possible with you! Matt playing … Continue reading

OIART Student Blog – Gabriel – Week 23 & 24

OIART Student Blog - Gabriel

Here is a recap of Week 23 & 24! Dean and Zack are practicing their re-amping skills.  That involves taking previously recorded material (from a guitar or any other instrument, really) and re-recording that signal through an amp.  As our Recording Technology instructor, Mark, asks: where does your mind take you?  Want to put a … Continue reading