OIART Student Blog – Gerald – Week 12 (’12-’13)



This was definitely one of our more accomplished weeks so far. Week 12 meant the conclusion of our 5 week Sound Design Project of a trailer for the video game ‘LIMBO’. The one minute and seven second trailer had us cutting our teeth matching sound effects, creating ambiance, working with music tracks, and an introduction to synthesis; all of which under a deadline.


The really interesting thing that I found about this was the learning curve and execution of the entire project. Everybody started out slowly in the first couple sessions and by the end people were just flying through refining the trailer as much as they could. Most of us agree that if we had an extra three hours to work on it, that it could be that much better. And that is the crux of the creative individual. The more we learn in these projects, the more we want to spend time tweaking them and trying new things out. For those of us who just learned synthesis, I personally could have spent ten extra hours trying out new sounds. However, at the end of the following Monday, we found out that we get to take another run at it in the third semester after we learn more about sound design. More on that…in the third semester.


drumsMoreover, our Production and Recording technology classes have “bumped-up” to the level of  studio tasks.  The production was the first of a two part lab on miking drums “the right way”. I don’t know why I put that in air quotes as we are encouraged to get as many great sounds regardless of our methods. However, there are many problems indicative of miking drums. May it be the room, phase, bleed, or the kit itself; the common truth about this lab is “More mics, more problems.”


This week’s Recording Technology lab had us testing our skills with outboard gear with the Westar console again. Not necessarily that difficult right off the bat, but it is truly what one brings to this lab to get the most out of it. To quote, Mark McDonald, “There are 17 ways of doing anything”. And based on our experience with the Westar console and signal routing, he is not kidding. There are multiple ways of doing the same thing as well as ample opportunities for creating new ways of processing sounds. That said, the lab becomes as difficult as we decide to make it. Of course, I say this in the best way possible.  So we ask ourselves, “What haven’t we done?”, “What can we try doing?”, and, “Can we pull off doing what we did before, again?”  I don’t know. Ask any of us in the third semester.

Until next time.


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