OIART Student Blog – Gabriel – Semester 3

Gabriel - Student Blogger

More photos of what we`ve been doing at OIART:

Student Blog - OIARTHere’s a picture of Collin’s vocal talent (Jon LeGris) signing through a tasty Neumann TLM149 for Collin’s third semester final project.

OIART Student Blog - GabrielWe also recently had the opportunity to do some field recording around London.  Here we are in a forest recording ambiance, and the sound of me running around in the leaves and dirt.

OIART Student BlogThis is Ian about to get the impulse response of a fire station’s tower so that he can design his own reverb.  Brian’s the boom op.

OIART Student BlogThis was the outside of said tower.

OIART Student Blog

OIART isn’t all about being cooped up in (awesome) studios.  Here we are on the outskirts of town getting “field” sounds.  Believe it or not, this is right before we were chased off by a guard dog.  Brian managed to record it barking at us while we were running back to Ian’s car.  Good job, Brian!

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