Tracks on Tracks – Green Couch, CBC Radio 3, VIA Rail

Tracks on Tracks
We wrote about Green Couch Productions, and Tracks on Tracks in our profile of OIART Graduate John Diemer. We wanted to share a bit more about the project and how you can get involved. Visit for more details!

“This spring, Green Couch ProductionsCBC Radio 3 and VIA Rail team up to bring you Tracks on Tracks, the ultimate Canadian rock ‘n’ rail adventure aboard VIA’s mighty and iconic Canadian passenger train. It’s a cross-Canada, four-day-and-three-night trip and music showcase. The train leaves Vancouver on June 8 – with stops in Jasper, Edmonton, Saskatoon and Winnipeg – and arrives in Toronto on June 12 for the NXNE Music Festival. Green Couch will be there to document the performances, and CBC Radio 3’s Grant Lawrence will broadcast/podcast the experience.”

Green Couch is currently working on fundraising for this project. Check out their campaign page  – any contribution helps:

“It is our goal to raise $40,000. This money will be used to help purchase promotional merchandise like banners, signage, stickers and t-shirts. It will cover media and showcase expenses while in Toronto, including truck rentals, instrument and equipment rentals, camera and audio equipment rentals, crew and artist transportation, accommodation and food. Via Rail’s generous sponsorship is a one-way trip for crew and artists on the train to Toronto. The money we raise will also help all of us find a way home after the festival is over.”

We’ll leave you with a video from Grant Lawrence – touring the Tracks on Tracks train:

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