John Diemer ’10 – Audio for TV/Film

John DiemerOIART Graduate John Diemer (’10) has been keeping himself very busy out on the west coast. After graduating, and then spending a year on staff at OIART as an Audio Intern, John moved to Vancouver and began work on various tv/film projects there (and across the country). We asked John to fill us in on some of his past/current/upcoming projects – see his response below!


What have you’ve been working on lately?

John Diemer Sound - Real Housewives of Vancouver

“I’m not sure there is enough space to list all of the projects I am working on and frankly, without iCal I wouldn’t be able to keep track of everything either. This month I have two films going into the Toronto International Film Festival that I did both the location and post production sound on. I’ve done Location Sound on a few reality shows for Food Network (Top Chef Canada, Ice Cold Cash) , Global (Canada Sings), and HGTV (Deck Wars) that are all currently on the air. I just finished location sound and am moving onto post production for a documentary for the CBC that follows Juno Artist of the Year Dan Mangan. Also working on Location Sound for The Real Housewives of Vancouver Aftershow (pictured).  A web series ‘Hitman 101’ that I did Sound Design for last fall is nominated for a Leo Award, and of course on my “days off” I film the Green Couch Sessions.”

Tell us more about Green Couch.

“We shoot one shot session videos with local and touring bands in various locations all over the city  –  The Green Couch is a passion project, which means that none of us make any money off of it. We all work on this for the sake of creative collaboration.  As of January, I am Green Couch’s key Sound Recordist.” Here is a look at a recent Green Couch Session with Adaline:

We’ve been hearing a lot about the Green Couch “Tracks on Tracks” project – what will you be doing for that project?

“The Green Couch is traveling across Canada by train, filming Green Couch Sessions on the train and stops along the way. I will be the location recordist on the trip. A typical day will entail filming band interviews and day to day life on the train, recording shows and practices, loading out at each stop for an impromptu show that CBC will announce minutes before we arrive, and to keep our fans who couldn’t make it on the train happy we will be editing, mixing and uploading a session every night from the train for everyone following along at home to enjoy.

I am not entirely sure what complications are going to arise from recording on a train but I can honestly say that it is because of OIART that I feel confident I can handle whatever obstacles come about on the trip.

Everyday at OIART I was expected to troubleshoot and solve problems logically and efficiently. I will be wearing a lot of hats on this train and referencing a little bit from just about every class that OIART has in their curriculum.”

Here are a few photos from various projects that John has been working on.
Visit his website for more –

John placed wireless mics on bindings and rails to capture the sound effects for The Green Couch entry for the Quiksilver Filmmaker Showdown at Grouse Mountain! Click the Image to see the video!

On the set of Do The Dew (Mountain Dew). Click to see the video!

Sound setup for Green Couch Sessions with Races. Click for the final product!

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