Danielle McBride ’96 – Supervising Sound Editor for The L.A. Complex, Degrassi

The L.A. Complex Degrassi

Danielle McBride started her career in Audio Post Production  after graduating from OIART in 1996 –  and she has remained busy ever since. She is now the Supervising Sound Editor for the new hit series The L.A. Complex, as well as long standing favourite Degrassi (Danielle just celebrated her 10th year with Degrassi!).

Considering all the buzz around The L.A. Complex, we asked Danielle to tell us about her role on the show:

“I am the Supervising Sound Editor on The L.A. Complex.  My duties first and foremost are to work as a liaison between the production company and the sound editing crew.  My team includes a SFX editor, Dialogue/Loop Group Editor and an Assistant Editor.  I also perform the functions of a Dialogue Editor and ADR Editor.  Specifically, my duties include spotting the show, editing sections of the show, supervising the ADR, editing the ADR, attending playback with the Executive Producers and coordinating all aspects of these responsibilities and the responsibilities of my team to make sure the show runs smoothly.”

OIART Grad - Danielle McBrideIn a previous interview from 2005, we asked Danielle if she had any advice for someone taking the OIART program today. She answered:

“Use every second that you are there to its fullest. I did. And I apply that concept to my work today. It’s the only way to advance. So you can consider it good practice for the real world.”

Thanks Danielle!

p.s. You can watch Full Episodes of The L.A. Complex on the MuchMusic website!

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