OIART’s Robert Breen Attends AES Budapest Convention

OIART Career Development instructor Robert Breen (bottom right) just returned from the Audio Engineering Society Convention in Budapest, Hungary. Robert sits on the Board of Governors (pictured) as Vice President for Eastern US and Canada.

AES Budapest Convention
In the photo are Grammy and Juno winners, designers, authors, educators and innovators. Truly a global organization, countries represented in the photo include Poland, Austria, Netherlands, Italy, Japan, Sweden, UK, Denmark, Mexico, Argentina, Canada (3 members), and US cities New York, Nashville, Boston, St. Louis and Los Angeles.
“The Audio Engineering Society’s board of governors meets twice a year at the European and North American conventions.  Matters discussed include the state of the audio industry, new technologies and opportunities, and the future of the society itself. I also sit on the education committee where educators from around the world get together and discuss best practices and how we can serve our students better.” – Robert Breen
Interested in learning more about what happened during the  AES Budapest Convention? Click here to read the Prosound News summary.

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