What’s happening in Semester 2? Hear from our instructors!

We’re reaching the mid-term marker for Semester 2, so we thought we’d share some insight from some of our instructors on what this semester is all about in their courses!

Mark McDonald - Recording TechnologyMark McDonald – Recording Technology:
In the second semester we finish up signal processing with a look at pitch and multi-processors. We’ll examine transport synchronization and clocking, console automation, digital consoles, surround sound, tracking tips and re-amping. The last half of the second semester we’ll start workshops in Studio 2 and examine a number of real world situations designed to help students think like engineers.

Dean Nelson - ProductionProduction – Dean Nelson:
This semester Production is highlighted by two projects. Equipped with a tool belt full of concepts and theory from Recording Technology and Production the students are challenged to record a song or score for a section of film/animation/video game. In order to explore the lack of boundaries in modern recording technology, the first project is limited to 8 tracks, no plug-ins and a mono mix. Microphones, placement, and equalization choices are paramount. Create an environment that is special to that moment in time.  The second project un-lock’s the first project’s boundaries and limitations. Merge the past with the present and deliver a piece of recorded music.



Mark Vogelsang - Sound Design & Audio For PicturesAudio For Pictures / Sound Design – Mark Vogelsang:
It is my belief that second semester is the most inspiring semester of them all.  At this stage students have gained enough engineering knowledge to create great ideas through technology, and still maintain that all powerful 1st semester gusto towards becoming a better film sound engineer. Utilizing advanced technology and stretching our creative brains to the max, we will discover how powerful sound really is. The students get an opportunity to work with an industry director, where they will learn the value of adapting someone else’s ideas, rather than their own.  It is a true challenge, but the payoff is like no other.  Each project unfolds with new concepts in story-arcing, synthesis, time code, mixing, sound effects editing/recording, Foley, music and sound design.



Lee While - AcousticsAcoustics – Lee While:
This semester in acoustics the students will be putting  into practical use all the theory they have learned, with a room design project. Using various software tools the students will be designing an environment for critical listening. They can design a studio control room, home theatre, project studio or performance space.  The students will be analyzing the modal distribution of their room, determining optimal speaker and listening positions, analyzing reflection paths and times, choosing surface materials and calculating the RT60. They will use their knowledge of acoustic treatment materials to correct any problems uncovered during their analysis. Many students use this project as an opportunity to design or analyze and correct their own home studio, creating an accurate monitoring environment for music production, sound effects, or voice over recording.



Bob Breen - Career ManagementCareer Management – Bob Breen:
Career Management begins in semester 2. Now that everyone is familiar with concepts like signal flow and mic technique, we begin our analysis of the audio industry. We’re starting out with a look at Intellectual Property. This always turns out to be a rather exciting segment. Though the subject is essentially dry, most students arrive with questions about Copyright Law, Infringement, downloading music and sampling, which will be explored and clarified in the next 6 weeks. The discussion invariably gets heated as this is an evolving moral as well as legal topic.

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