OIART Student Blog – Gabriel – Week 21

Gabriel - Student Blogger

Week 21!


OIART - Mic SplitterWhat the heck is that a picture of, you ask?  That’s tupperware – OIART styles.  Our live sound instructor, Christoph, showed us that you can make a mic splitter out of a bit of spare tupperware.  Fantastic.  He also expressed his fondness for Tupperware Parties because of the fact that (i) there’s usually plenty of nice ladies who attend them (ii) there’s always great food and (iii) you tend to have leftovers (and containers to put them in) for quite a while.  Mmm…

OIART - TrumpetWe also had our good buddy, Sam, in to record trumpet for our production project.  Here is Shawn helping to coax the best out of him.  I only wish that you could hear the trumpet solo in this song.  Picture a youngish kid (perhaps wearing a Boy Scout uniform) riding in on a horse (probably a pony, actually) playing something that in his youthful mind sounds totally epic and amazing.  To a more mature person, however, it may sound (in the nicest way possible) “overly exuberant.”  It’s the kind of thing that belongs in a Wes Anderson movie over a programmed beat from a Casio keyboard.  Totally charming.


What face does an engineer make when the trumpet is too loud?  See next picture:

OIART - Brian

Finally, I’ll leave you with a photo of Ian rocking out on stage.  He’s a natural.  We had to set up another mock live show while doing something called “ringing out the room.”  That’s where we search for problem frequencies that’ll cause nasty feedback and eliminate them before the performer and the audience get their ears blasted off.  I bet people don’t realize how much danger their hearing is in at a live show, and that their only line of defence is the dude/dudess behind the console.  Oh the power.  Now watch Ian as he revels in it…

OIART - Live Sound Lab

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