OIART Student Blog – Gabriel – Week 20

Gabriel - Student Blogger

Some of the highlights from Week 20!


OIART - Student Blog

Here is Scott, one of the interns, during “special time” with the Night Owls.  In this session, he did a great job of advancing our knowledge on console automation.  Have no idea what I’m talking about?  Come to the school and learn it up, then!  Check out Shawn’s sweater, by the way.  That’s a doozy of a sweater.  I think the other guys are in the process of admiring it.  I’ll be commenting a bit on fashion throughout this blog, so get ready for it.




Live Sound/Music ProductionFrom Left to Right:

Left – We also tried our hand at setting up monitors for a mock live show.  Ian is having a great time singing to some Hall & Oates blasting through those monitors.  As you can tell from his facial expression and body language, he is jamming along to the especially amazing classic, “You Make My Dreams Come True.”  What’s your favourite Hall & Oates song?  I think mine is “Private Eyes.”  If you aren’t already, please do yourself a favour and watch Mr. Hall’s web show, “Live From Daryl’s House.”  He invites great musicians into his massive home and they play music and eat food.  Fun times.  I’d like to set up something similar at OIART.  “Live From Lee’s House?”  Lee is our acoustics instructor and he’d be the perfect host, I’m sure.

Centre – This week was pretty busy for us in terms of our first Production assignment.  Here is Randy – a recent OIART grad, no less – playing some standup bass for the song that we are working on.  He added a lot to the song and was a joy to work with.  No fuss, great player and a positive attitude!  What more could you ask for?  A Farfisa perhaps?

Right – Ok.  You asked for it.  Shawn here is tracking the crucial Farfisa part in our song.  What the hell is a Farfisa, you ask?  It’s basically an Italian made electric organ that sounds totally sweet (even with a constantly blowing fan).  Thanks to Dean, our Production instructor, for letting us have some fun with it.  As you can tell, Shawn certainly had a great time with it.


Student Blog We also finished up Erynne’s parts for the song.  Remember – she wrote the song in the first place.  Keep your eyes and ears peeled for her.  Have you ever wondered what’s involved in peeling an eye or an ear?  Probably some pain, but whatever.  London is lucky to have someone with a voice like hers!  We tried a couple of different poses for the obligatory “band photo.”  Some of the other options were a) the Gangsta Rap pose, b) the Scandinavian Metal pose and c) the Awkward Family pose.  We settled on the Girl/Boy Band pose.  Fashion comment: TOO MUCH PLAID!  Once again, though, nice working with you Tawny Owl!  (That’s Erynne’s honorary Night Owl name.)


Crew PhotoI’ll leave you with this achingly creepy family portrait.  Don’t be surprised if it suddenly appears unannounced in your dreams.  I myself see it whenever I close my eyes as if it’s imprinted on the back of my eyelids.  Once again, TOO MUCH PLAID!  I think it looks good on us, though…

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