OIART Student Blog – Gabriel – Week 19

Gabriel - Student Blogger
Well, we are back from our (well deserved) Holiday Break.  It was good while it lasted, but I’m sure that all of us are raring to go and get back into the wonderful world of audio at OIART!

This semester is going to be a doozy!  We started several multi-week long projects in many different facets of the audio industry.  Here’s how those projects kicked off for the Night Owls!

Ian and I working on a radio play ominously entitled “Stiletto.”  As it is a radio play without visuals (think War of the Worlds 1938), we are tasked with creating a believable world through sound.  It’s also great because we are going to be working with a few voice actors who will undoubtedly help us to learn how to hone our client/engineer social skills.  Here Ian is scouring a sound effects library for the perfect champagne pop, the perfect high heel on concrete and the perfect steam engine whistle.



Another exciting project is to take the footage for a commercial (in our case an animated ad for Red Bull) and fill in all of the missing sound effects using everything from sound effects libraries to our own Foley recordings.  Here is Shawn hunkering down for some paper crumpling action.  I wonder if Ben Burt started out like this?

Here we are working with London’s own wonderful and talented Erynne Gilpin.  She has become an honorary Night Owl and is now dubbed “Tawny Owl.”  One of our Production projects for this term is to scout local talent, bring them into the studio and record a song or two (or three).  Her vocals are top notch and her songs allow us plenty of space to embellish and “produce.”  Our first session went very smoothly and we couldn’t have asked for a better/cooler artist.  For this session Ian was the engineer, Shawn was the producer, Brian was the assistant to the engineer and I worked the Pro Tools rig as computer monkey.  Doesn’t Brian look like a startled Tintin in this picture?

In addition, we also practiced our live sound skills by setting up all of the equipment for a mock live show.  Great fun was had by all and no one was crushed by speakers, lighting equipment or road cases!  Bonus!  Here are Zack and Dean “pretending to be setting up for a U2 show”, as they told me.  I bet Bono would be a tough boss to please…

I’ll end this blog with a top secret look inside an actual class at OIART.  I risked everything to take this photo.  Here is Christoph, our Live Sound instructor.  This is one of his many Frankenstein set-ups that he carts around the school, showing students how to do all sorts of fascinating things with audio gear.  When the light bulbs lit up he got this giddy look in his eyes and hollered, “It’s alive!”

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