OIART Student Blog – Gabriel – Week 8

Gabriel - Student Blogger

After Week 7’s exams, Week 8 saw us starting some of our projects for APIX (Audio for Pictures) and SDES (Sound Design)!  We also got some hands on time with analog recording, MIDI cable soldering, Mid-Side mic technique  and other fun stuff.  So, without delay lets do a recap of this week’s labs.


Limbo Sound DesignYou guessed it – the spider in that screenshot is up to no good.  For those of you who don’t know about this game, check it out.  It’s called Limbo and our first Sound Design project revolves around adding sound and music to one of its trailers.  It is immensely rewarding and enjoyable work.  Who would have thought that synching footsteps would be so tricky?  Also, I could not have asked for a cooler game to work with.  So much style, atmosphere and sound.  Those Danes sure know how to design games (and movies, watches, clothes, furniture, bicycles, buildings, cities etc.).



Studer Tape MachineWe got to play around with a beautiful Studer A80 tape machine.  Cleaning the heads, loading the tape, recording to tape, punching in, bouncing to tape, et cetera.  For someone who had never done this kind of stuff before, it was a great experience.  Even the mechanical sounds that the machine was making as it operated were marvellous.  Here is Ian asking Ms. Studer to play nice before attempting to “punch in” and fix a vocalist’s blunder. (Dear Greg, the number that follows 2 is 3. Not another 2. Lolz.)



Studer CleaningOf course, when all the fun was over, we had to clean the machine as well.  I never thought I’d say this, but at OIART, even the cleaning is fun.  Shawn and Ms. Studer are in agreement.



Audio for Pictures WishmasterOur first APIX project revolves around a nugget of a Canadian horror film (Wishmaster III) for which we’re doing some dialogue editing and Foley recording.  Movie night at OIART this week was a screening of it.  Perfect for Halloween, by the way.  Was it a good movie?  I will reserve my judgement and instead answer with a memorable quote from the movie – “The question is flawed!”  Here is a shot of Brian and Ian doing some dialogue editing.  It turns out that actors often smack their lavalier mics, and that people on set are constantly coughing and dropping their keys while actors are trying to say their lines.  Ian had the bright idea of replacing an impinged “t” sound with a pristine “s” later on in the recording.  Ah, phonemic restoration: what would we do without you?  Can you spot Miles and Jim in this photo?  They’re having a good time too.  Especially Jim.



Patch BayThis week we were also introduced to the infamous patch bay.  I know what you’re thinking.  “That’s way too many holes.  How are you to know which ones to pick?”  That’s why you come to OIART. To learn.  Duh.  Seriously though, we’re told that once we get this under our belts, the possibilities are endless.  Now I’m beginning to see why Mark (a.k.a. MC Donald, our Recording Technology instructor), says that there are at least 17 ways to do something.  Indeed.



I’d like to end this post with an obligatory shot of an intern (in this case, Scott) helping to demystify the mystical patch bay.  Brian: “I wish that all these little patch points possessed the power of speech so as to communicate to me the most efficient way of doing what I want to do.”  Scott: “Is that your wish?”  Uh oh… Wish Master V: Revenge of the Interns!

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