OIART Student Blog – Brian – Looking Back On Day One

Student Blog

The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

Day one.  Orientation.  We’re all hunkered down in our random seats peering out at all our fellow classmates.   Some students have already met due to their housing arrangements, but for the majority this is our first time meeting anyone else from the program.  There are students young and old, female and male, bearded and jealous of the bearded.  ‘Wow’, I think to myself.  ‘Look at the size of that mixing console at the front of the room…’  My gaze shifts towards the right.  ‘Is that a 24 track tape machine in the corner?’  A wave of panic rises and settles in my breadbasket.  Oh no, dear readers, have I gotten myself in over my head!?  As I gnash my teeth in inner conflict, I look up towards the front of the room again and my feeling of anguish subsides.  There is a helping hand ready to guide you and me in our quest towards wisdom and knowledge.  That helping hand, dear reader, is the faculty.

Now, be advised, this is no ordinary faculty.  This faculty showcases some of the best and brightest in the biz.  These veritable masters of their craft have worked on high level projects and worked with clients we’ve only read about in liner notes.  They have much to teach us because they’ve come across all the issues we young bucks haven’t had the displeasure of experiencing yet.  Most students haven’t had to deal with a demanding producer, a diva guitarist, or even an unruly celebrity actor doing a voiceover.  Enough about the faculty though, I will delve into wider detail on each instructor in entries to come.

After a brief introduction to the curriculum, we had a short meet and greet.  There was a flurry of hand shaking as we took this opportunity to get acquainted with the faculty and fellow students.  It was refreshing knowing that there were others in the program that shared the same interests and background as I did.  There was one thing in common with all the students though: we were all eager to learn.  Also, we were not robots.

Tune in next time, dear readers, for a look at the recording technology course.

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