OIART Student Blog – Gabriel – Week 5

Gabriel - Student Blogger

Week five at OIART was, as we have all now come to expect, a blast.  It looks like everyone (including me) has recovered from the cold that swept through our ranks.  Honestly though, too much goes on to really notice petty stuff like that…

Here are some highlights from week 5! See below the image for descriptions of each.

1. Here is Jeremie wiring up some speakers using different series, parallel and series/parallel configurations to achieve a certain level of impedance.  It’s pretty awesome that Jeremie’s wrist tattoo is a Greek Omega (Ω).  Why is this of any significance?  Well, impedance is measured in ohms and ohms are represented by the Greek Omega.  Coincidence?  Of course not.  Again, like many of these pictures, check out the smile.  As Christoph says, “A fun time was had by all.”

2. I also had the pleasure of playing my acoustic guitar for crew 9 this week.  They did an excellent job using a combination(!) of both condenser and dynamic microphones while further honing their stereo miking techniques.  If I didn’t know any better, I’d say we were slowly but surely getting the hang for all of this stuff.  Nice job Ben, Dusty, G-raham, Marcus and Scott the engineer!

3. This is the room that we use for critical listening of music and audio for film.  It’s pretty great.  This week our task was to choose a sound to reproduce ourselves.  I’m still figuring out and wrapping my head around just exactly how this will work.  It’s an obsession really.  Brian here is dead serious.  “Wall-E or 2001: A Space Odyssey?”  It comes down to a cute and lovable robot or a pretentious and conniving computer.  Choose wisely…

Recording Drums and Bass, Pro Tools Lab, Console

4. Here we are miking up the amazing duo of Scott and Matt, or the Hammer Snakes as they like to be called.  It was great to finally mic up multiple sound sources at the same time.  As Greg, one of our wise interns says, “The more mics you add, the less you have to worry about phase.”  Wait a minute…

5. I wanted also to show you a glimpse of one of the smaller studios in which our Pro Tools and Sound Design labs happen.  This one is quite cozy.  I think that might be the same plant from my first blog!  Anyways, Lindsay Lohan needed some editing on her vocals this week.  Even the best of us cough, laugh and get off time during a take.  Don’t worry Lindsay, no need to sing it again.  That’s nothing a budding engineer can’t handle.

6. What better way to get a handle on signal flow than by bringing up a mic on a console?  Show those knobs who’s boss, Screech.  And don’t worry Corey, we’ll never forget phantom power again.  Every time we enter the input strip we will hear you doing a spooky ghost “ooooooo” as a reminder.  “Step by step, oh baby.  I’m gonna get to you, Mackie/Westar.  Step by step, oh baby.  I really want you in my world.”  Your New Kids on the Block was also priceless.

Well, now off to study for midterms.  Incidentally, this is the most fun I’ve ever had studying for tests.  A weird feeling…

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