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An American Audio Nerd in London

Canada.  The great white north; the bi-lingual beauty; the gem of North America.   Home to the CN Tower, Wayne Gretzky, and the better looking half of Niagara Falls.  Canada is also the home of the Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology.  OIART is renowned for its extensive, hands-on curriculum, but the program is not just limited to Canadians.  My name is Brian.  I am an American, and I am an OIART student.

I was born and raised in Buffalo, New York.  Growing up a stone’s throw from the U.S./Canadian border, I’ve had the pleasure of visiting my northern neighbor quite frequently.    Once I became enamored with audio recording, I began searching for a suitable school to attend.  As I started to hear more and more about OIART, the choice was clear.

Being an American, attending an international school was a bit daunting at first.  There was the initial headache of applying for and getting a student visa, exchanging currency, worrying about a cellphone plan, etc.  (by the way, Google Phone is free for calls between the U.S. and Canada!)  I suggest opening a bank account in Canada because it can take about 21 days for foreign checks to clear.  These hassles were expected though, as studying abroad is quite a different undertaking than a local program.  OIART provides information on their site for possible student housing to ease the search for suitable lodging on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Even if you’re unable to secure a place through their site, there are tons of options around London for students.

If you’re a foreigner and interested in the program I highly suggest you check out the OIART website and try to setup a tour of the school.  Once you visit Canada, I know you’ll be smitten with its charm and character.  Except for milk in a bag… what is the deal with that?

Tune in next time, dear readers, for a look at the start of the program.

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  1. blogger says:

    they don’t have milk in a bag in buffalo?

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