Where are they now? Class of 2010-11, graduate updates.

OIART grads waste no time starting their careers! Check out what some of our grads are up to, only months after graduation…

Devon Bellavance – The Warehouse Studios, Vancouver BC

Graeme McGinty – CityTV, Syndicate Sound, Toronto ON

Alex Krotz – Noble Street Studios, Toronto ON

Rob McDowell – Liberty Studios, Toronto ON

Andrew Charron – Edcom Multimedia, London ON

Ryan Melanson – F Studio, KC Stageworks, Fredericton NB

Riley Forbes – Paved Arts, Saskatoon SK

Dominick Civiero – Vertical Studios, Vancouver BC

Dennis Nicholson – Freelance Boom Operator, Toronto ON

Juan Valencia – Studio Owner, Bogota, Columbia

Brennan Mercer – Tattersall Sound and Picture, Toronto ON

Chris Teixeira – PA Shop, Horizon Solutions, London ON

Fletcher Thompson – Indiepool, Toronto ON

Timothy Spence – Corus Entertainment, Calgary AB

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