OIART Student Blog – Gabriel

My name is Gabriel (aka Barn Owl) and I’ll be filling you in on what labs are like outside of class lectures.  This is where you take all the stuff you learn from the instructors and apply it in a hands on, incredibly fun way.  Hopefully, it’ll give you an idea of what to expect from this aspect of OIART’s curriculum.  So, without further ado, let us begin!  A quick aside: if you are wondering why I refer to some of the folks in the following pictures as owls, here is the explanation.  Since our group tends to have a few of the late night labs (8:30-11:30pm…we work better at night anyways), we endearingly dubbed ourselves, “The Night Owls.”

Tingling with anticipation, we finally got our sweaty paws on some classic mics.  It might not look like a typical session, but as our wise intern, Greg, told us, one of the best things a student can do is experiment!

Mark, our Recording Technology instructor, introduced stereo miking techniques and we jumped on the opportunity to try some out.  Our talent, Ben, found our baffled (what should have been omnis) pair of RE-20s slightly amusing…considering we used his head as the baffle.







After a while of serious miking, we decided to go nuts.  How about using an X-Y configuration to catch reflections off of a gong?  Yes!  How about an SM 57 to capture some sweet (yeah right) gong resonance?  Yes!  And, of course, make sure that a plant provides the right ambience and sonic diffusion :).





Here’s Greg, a recent grad now OIART Teaching Assistant, helping us lay down the rhythm guitar track for our next big hit.  On a serious note, check out all that sweet gear!






We also learn how to solder.  Don’t worry – it’s fun, not too hard and you can make your own cables and do your own repairs,  Woot!  Bobby here is a pro already.  His facial expression says it all.  Or is that from the fumes?  As Christoph says, they’re good for you.  (Seriously though, don’t inhale them and he doesn’t really say that.)





Thumbs up after a successful recording session.  Even putting the equipment away is fun.  Look at the joy in their faces.  And they’re wrapping cables!  Awesome.  Thanks to Andre, Zach, Chris and Dean for making my acoustic guitar sound great.  Stay tuned for more lab fun.  Same owl time, same owl channel.  Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah, Night Owls!

2 Responses to “OIART Student Blog – Gabriel”
  1. glen lebarr says:

    looks good Gabriel…Glen

  2. Cool blog! I went to OIART as well and reading this post brings back fond memories. Keep up the writing, and the great work at OIART!

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